A Farewell from your Principal, Ms. Diane Zatkoff

                              Year Number Ten

                Amazing!  Time has really flown by.  It just seemed like yesterday that our doors opened, as Chippewa Valley Schools were pioneers in Macomb County – a Ninth Grade Center. 

                Many positive events and happenings have occurred during the past nine years, and I am confident that they will continue during the 2017/2018 school year.  The Matriculation Ceremony will kick off the ninth grade school year, as each student pledges to graduate in four years.  A banner and binder will be displayed for the next four years as a reminder to students to work hard and keep on task.  Graduation day in June 2021 will come quickly.

                On Thursday, September 21st, Dr. Joe Johnson, a renowned speaker, will meet with the entire ninth grade class.  His message will be about decision-making, leadership qualities and motivation.

Our Fall Dance will be held on Saturday, September 23rd from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and has been a success each year.  Students will be able to attend their first semi-formal, evening dance.  We highly encourage students to wear something they have in their closet, so parents won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money.  As long as the boys have a shirt with a collar or mock neck [no jeans] -a suit or sport coat isn’t necessary.  Girls do not have to have a formal dress; a skirt and blouse or sweater is quite acceptable.  Please remember to keep the girls’ outfits appropriate – no inappropriate cleavage and no short, short dresses or skirts.

                The Annual Intramural Basketball and Badminton tournaments have crowned championship teams, waiting for the next to be named.  Students have an awesome time competing against each other and against their teachers.  Please make sure to watch for the upcoming dates and sign up to be a part of these exciting events.

                Participation is extremely important for ninth grade students, as they transition from middle school into the high school mind-set.  Students will be more successful academically and will have better time management if they become involved in extra-curricular activities.  Chippewa Valley High School offers a plethora of activities, clubs, athletic teams, and students are encouraged to join and get involved!

Chippewa Valley’s Ninth Grade Center has benefited students transitioning from middle school to high school by providing them a center for the majority of their classes and a tight-knit community of teachers that are all working together to provide the strongest educational environment possible.  The NGC has been designed to help ninth grade students become more successful their freshman year and throughout their years at Chippewa.  More successful - meaning lower failure rates, higher promotion and graduation rates, lower discipline referrals and higher student involvement.  Throughout the nation, many high schools are finding success by offering freshman students a safe, caring, small center to call their own.  CV’s NGC is a place where students are not only free to explore their interests, but they are encouraged to develop their skills and their individual personalities.

Best of Luck

“Class of 2021”

Diane Zatkoff

Chippewa Valley High School
Phone: 586-723-3100